What We Do

Design without compromise is everything...

Whisper Walls is a family-owned company that manufactures an extensive line of polymer track stretch-fabric components and acoustical cores our worldwide network of licensed and trained dealers use to bid and install Whisper Walls® site built, stretched-fabric acoustical panels for aesthetic appeal, enhanced speech clarity and the reduction of unwanted interior noise.

There are no standard or “pre-fabricated” Whisper Wall® panels.  Every installation is a custom blend of our components assembled on site to the design requirements as drawn and specified. Whisper Wall® panels are specified under MasterSpec® Section 09 77 13 Stretched-Fabric Wall Systems




When you’re ready:  Whisper Wall dealers are company trained experts on our extensive product line and how it’s engineered to work as an integrated system on the jobsite.  The panel components (core & track) are typically stapled to a Gyp Board substrate.  Our dealers, with ongoing company support, understand how to make your design reality.  Choosing Whisper Walls® does not require a comprehensive understanding of it.  Provide the following and they will be able to bid and install on your project:

  • Elevations and ceiling plans showing the panel locations (keep in mind panel dimensions are limited by the width of the fabric selected.)
  • Your chosen fabric (manufacturer, style & color)
  • Your chosen panel edge appearance (bevel, radius or square)
  • The panel thicknesses
  • The required core (description, thickness and locations)

We have invested so Whisper Wall® panels adapt and fit your needs, not ours.