About Us

Nothing Standard, we build your ideas...

For more than 30 years, Whisper Walls has been the world's most innovative provider of site built, stretch-fabric acoustical panel systems for interior noise control. From the beginning, we've been focused on providing products that blend a fine fabric finish, acoustical performance and long-lasting value. This unique objective inspired the development of specialized stretching system track components and installation tools that are now industry standards.

Today, the spirit of innovation lives on and our company and products continue to evolve. We know design professionals need contemporary acoustical solutions so we offer a wide variety of unique products ranging from wide span ceilings to suspended, noise reduction baffle, cloud and vault systems. While others offer some form of acoustical murals we are the only company fully invested in them. Our in-house, full-service art department and high definition wide format printers are the standard for design flexibility, acoustical performance and value.

There are thousands of successful Whisper Walls projects around the globe ranging from elementary schools to the world's finest theaters and sound studios. All are installed by the industry's largest network of licensed and trained dealers. We've worked hard so you can feel comfortable selecting a Whisper Walls product on your next project.

Gregg Sease

A cowboy and rancher at heart, our founder- Gregg Sease never shied from a challenge.  In 1987 he took his new system, hand tools and company to projects in California, New York and across America. Whisper Walls’ tailored quality and installation efficiencies quickly caught the attention of the stretch fabric industry.  Others  soon began manufacturing their versions of Gregg’s system and tools.