Visual inspiration, acoustical solutions...

WhisperArtTM effectively adds beauty and acoustical control to interiors. It’s a combination of our specialized high-resolution image technology and acoustical panels.

WhisperArtTM arrives fully assembled and ready to hang.  These panels add visual interest and reduce interior noise simultaneously. WhisperArtTM panels are perfect for residential, restaurant, hospital, school and church interiors.

While others offer some form of acoustical art panels, we are the only company fully invested in them.  Our full-service art department can digitally master and size the chosen art or image as required then print it on our high definition, wide-format printers.  It’s then taken to an assembly area, stretched on a same-sized acoustical panel and packaged.  The entire process is completed in-house.

This commitment to quality and value defines a new standard for design flexibility, acoustical performance and value.

If your preference is a large-format mural site built on either walls or ceilings, refer to our WhisperMural product.